Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Pop star Lady Gaga caused controversy by wearing a dress made from raw beef at the MTV Music Video Awards ceremony in Los Angeles in September 2010.

A meat dress very similar in appearance to that worn by Lady Gaga was modelled by Cat Johnson for John Pretious as part of his BA in Graphic Design at Middlesex Polytechnic in spring 1983 and the image was subsequently used for the cover of the Undertones album All Wrapped Up, released in November 1983:

Multimedia artist Linder Sterling wore a dress of chicken meat stitched to black net at a performance by post-punk group Ludus at the Hacienda club, Manchester on 5th November 1982:

The earliest documented example of a garment made from meat was at the Slade School of Art postgraduate degree exhibition opening in London in July 1979, when performance artist Robert Connolly wore a two-piece suit made from slices of salami stitched together: 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Gaga%27s_meat_dress (see 'Reception', para 2)

The title of that performance was The Edible Guest.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

My name's Robert Connolly, and I beat Lady Gaga to it by 31 years by wearing a two-piece suit made of salami as a sartorial hors d'oeuvre at the Slade School of Art postgrad private view in 1979. (I wrapped myself in clingfilm first to maintain hygienic standards, of course.) Dog owners were invited to bring their pets to deal with the leftovers. Photos by Giles Elgood.